Our technology – protein based nanofibrils – allows for superior disease detection by drastically increasing the signal intensity per disease specific marker. By including our protein nanofibrils into a standard immunoassay the sensitivity can be increased at least 100-fold.


Due to the small diameter of our protein nanofibrils – 10 000 times thinner than a human hair – they generate a large surface area over volume ratio. This implies that our protein nanofibrils can display many more antibody binding domains in a given volume.

BTM Nanodesign – anchored in protein nanofibril research

BTM Nanodesign develops protein-based nanomaterials for biotechnological applications. Our material portfolio includes nanomaterials that have a superior antibody binding capacity, compared with alternative products on the market.  In addition, our materials are produced sustainably using only microorganisms.

Protein-based nanomaterials

The core of protein-based nanomaterials are nanofibrils that are highly ordered and typically contains so-called β-sheets, which make them strong. Since the nanofibrils have a very high surface area-to-volume ratio, they are eminently suitable for biotechnological applications, as a large number of enzymes or other interesting proteins can be immobilized in a comparatively small volume.

Produced sustainably

Our protein-based nanomaterials, the nanofibrils, can reduce the dependency on fossil resources. Compared to alternatives in the traditional chemistry industry, the nanofibrils do not require large amounts of chemicals – such as solvents or other reactive compounds – in their production, which carries large sustainability benefits. The fibrils are produced in microorganisms, and the special qualities in the fibrils are achieved by modification of the DNA sequence in these microorganisms.

Latest news

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BTM Nanodesign receive funding from Vinnova


We are proud to announce that we have received SEK 300 000 in funding from Vinnova. The team sees the funding as a great opportunity to continue developing the business. The funding together with the patent approval in USA are two big milestones which gives us continued momentum for the journey ahead.

Patent approved and granted in USA


The 10th of Mars 2021 the patent application in the USA was approved. BTM Nanodesign now holds patents in both Sweden and the USA. Patent applications are currently pending for China, Japan and the EU. The company sees the latest approval as a big win and CEO Mats Sandgren is optimistic about pending applications . If you want to read more about the approved patent, please click the link below

SLU Holding invests in BTM Nanodesign


As of the 18th of February SLU Holding becomes a shareholder in BTM Nanodesign by investing in the company.

Profile on co-founder Benjamin Schmuck


SLU interviews BTM Nanodesign co-founder Benjamin Schmuck on the early research at the base of the company.

BTM Nanodesign is founded


BTM is founded by researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) 

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