Our Team

Our team unites competences within structural biology, protein chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, and business.

Mats Sandgren
CEO and chairman of the board

Mats has a PhD in molecular & structural biology and has during his career led teams of scientists as well as coordinated research activities together with large corporations, incl. e.g. DuPont industrial biosciences. Mats also has an extensive network within the industry.  

Benjamin Schmuck
CSO and board member

Benjamin has obtained his masters degree in biochemistry from Uppsala University, his PhD in molecular biotechnology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. His research on how protein nanofibrils can be used for biotechnological applications has laid the foundation for BTM Nanodesign.

Torleif Härd
Co-founder and board member

Torleif has a PhD in physical chemistry, is a professor within structural biochemistry and is a co-founder of Alzinova AB. He is currently working as Dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences and is a board member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (‘KVA’).

Christina Härd
Business developer and board member

Christina graduated from Stockholm School of Economics with a M.Sc. in International Business and CEMS MIM. Passionate about growth, innovation and technology, she currently works with strategy and business development at a major technology company.

Michal Budryk
Business developer
Michal has a PhD in international business and has through studies and work gained experience within business development, business strategy and entrepreneurship. Michal is working part time at BTM Nanodesign developing operations for long term sustainable growth. Besides BTM, Michal works as an entrepreneurship consultant at a distinguished consultancy firm.

Our team also consist of SLU Holdinga company which promotes business ideas and helps important research reach the market and make a difference to society. SLU Holding is a co-owner of BTM Nanodesign and is supporting the company as an advisor on strategy, investment and growth.

Please visit sluholding.se for more information