Own work: 

Benjamin Schmuck, Mikael Gudmundsson, Torleif Härd, Mats Sandgren* (2019). Coupled chemistry kinetics demonstrate the utility of functionalized Sup35 amyloid nanofibrils in biocatalytic cascades. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 294(41), pp.14966-14977.

Benjamin Schmuck, Mikael Gudmundsson, Johanna Blomqvist, Henrik Hansson, Torleif Härd, and Mats Sandgren* (2018). Production of Ready-To-Use Functionalized Sup35 Nanofibrils Secreted by Komagataella pastoris. ACS Nano 12(9), pp. 9363-9371.

Benjamin Schmuck, Mats Sandgren, and Torleif Härd* (2018). The kinetics of TEM1 antibiotic degrading enzymes that are displayed on Ure2 protein nanofibrils in a flow reactor. PLoS ONE 13(4), pp. e0196250.

Benjamin Schmuck, Mats Sandgren, Torleif Härd* (2017). A fine-tuned composition of protein nanofibrils yields an upgraded functionality of displayed antibody binding domain. Biotechnology Journal 12 (6), pp. 1600672.

Benjamin Schmuck (2018) Functionalized Protein Nanomaterials and their Biotechnological Applications. Thesis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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